Welcome to Soul Beautiful Salon!  



Soul Beautiful was started with a vision.  We would like to share with you what makes us different because it is exactly what sets Soul Beautiful Salon apart.


  • Masterful stylists handpicked to execute the services you want that keep reflecting your inner beauty. 

  • Elegant and approachable atmosphere.  For most, time at the salon is their “me time” and time here should be befitting your inner Goddess!  You deserve it! 

  • Drama Free Zone.  How many times have you came into a salon to hear gossip and drama while you are trying to savor the moment and want a true connection with your stylist?

  • Connection. From the moment you walk in, we want you to know that we “see” you, and want to honor that in you from the way you are welcomed and offered a beverage, to the moment you walk out feeling like a million bucks.. both inside and outside.   


If this sounds like what you have always been looking for, today is the perfect day to call and set an appointment so you can experience just how different we are.